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Read and Publish (RAP) Agreements

SAGE RAP Agreement

The 2023 - 2025 SAGE RAP agreement enables ANU authors to publish accepted articles into selected hybrid e-journals from SAGE without any APCs.

Included titles

This agreement allows ANU authors to publish open access in 866 "SAGE choice" hybrid titles with no transactional APCs. View the full list of eligible titles.

Eligible articles

Article types

Open access publishing covered under this RAP agreement covers submissions classified as "article", which includes but is not limited to the following article types:

  • Original Research Papers
  • Review Papers
  • Brief Communications
  • Short Reports
  • Case Reports.

Acceptance date

Articles must have an acceptance date within the duration of this agreement (2023-2025) to be eligible to be published open access with no transactional APCs.

Number of included articles

There is no limit to the number of articles by participating institutions allowed to be published as part of this agreement.

Information for authors

Responsible corresponding authors above may publish immediately to open access on the publisher's platform once the article has been accepted with no transactional APCs. 

Author rights

Articles from authors at participating institutions will be published under a CC-BY or CC BY-NC licence.

Further information about the licences is available on the publisher’s website.

The Creative Commons licenses allow reuse (some with conditions) while protecting the authors' rights of acknowledgment as authors. Authors retain copyright.

How to submit your article for open access publishing

  1. Follow the publisher's usual article submission process via the SAGE website - ensuring that you are listed as the corresponding author.
  2. Select the ANU as the institutional affiliation and state the relevant research funding source(s) as part of the submission process.
  3. Upon acceptance of the manuscript, choose and sign either a CC BY or CC BY-NC open access license.

For more information about publishing open access under this agreement, refer to this guide for authors on the SAGE website.

Author identification

Authors will be identified as eligible for open access publishing with no transactional APCs by:

  • institutional affiliation as stated in the article to be published
  • ANU email address provided in the submission process.

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