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EndNote 20

Insert Selected Citation(s)

There are two methods for inserting a citation:

Method 2

  1. Open your EndNote 20 library and browse or search for the reference you wish to insert. Select (highlight) any reference to be inserted.
  2. Return to your Word document and place your cursor at the spot where you want the citation to appear.
  3. Return to your EndNote library and Insert the citation by clicking Tools > Cite While You Write > Insert Selected Citations(s).

Tip: Microsoft Word inserts citations and the bibliography inside a field of your document. These usually display on your screen with a grey background (which does not appear on a printed document). It is not possible to make lasting typographic changes inside a field, as the contents of these fields is controlled by the EndNote 20 program. Changes relating to your citations should therefore always be made within the reference in your EndNote 20 library, and your document subsequently updated.

(For Method 1, click on the previous tab 'Insert Citations')

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