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EndNote 20


To import citation records directly:

  1. On the E-resources & databases A-Z listing select P for Proquest.
  2. Connect to the Proquest database and perform your search.
  3. Mark required references by placing ticks in the boxes beside the search results items you wish to import.
  4. Click on the three dots (All Save Options) in the top right-hand corner of the search results window, and select RIS (an EndNote-readable file format).
  5. If prompted, select Open and OK.
  6. If your EndNote 20 library is not open you will be prompted to access your EndNote 20 library. References will then be imported directly.
  7. The Imported References group displays records from the last import. Select some of the newly imported references and click on the Reference Tab of the Tabs Panel to ensure that the information has been transferred correctly.

Note: There may be slight variations of the above steps with different browsers.

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