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EndNote 20

Share your Library

There are two ways to share your EndNote Library or a group with your supervisor or research collaborators. 

You can share your EndNote 20 desktop library by selecting Share from the File menu:

  1. Enter the email address of the user/s you wish to share your library with.
  2. Set their permissions ("Read & Write" or "Read Only").
  3. Add an optional message to accompany the invite > click Invite Close.

Note: Since sharing relies on EndNote 20’s synchronisation ability, all users accessing the library must have an EndNote Online account. 

You can share a local copy of your library by going to File and selecting Compress Library. Select there Create an Email option and select whether you wish to send your entire library or just a group. 

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, if you are sharing your library outside the ANU, make sure you do not share any full-text PDFs. 


Accept a shared library invitation

If you intend to accept an email invitation to join someone else’s library:

  1. In the File menu, select Sync and follow the instructions to log in or set up a new account. Alternatively, select the Sync button on the EndNote Library Window toolbar.
  2. When connected, select File and then Open Shared Library.

You can now add references to, and annotate, items in the library, even if others are using it at the same time.

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