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EndNote 20

Manual Entry

Most citation records for journal articles and other digital resources will be available for download from an online source. For websites and some print sources, such as books, government documents, and other literature, you may still need to create a manual reference. 

To manually create a new reference:

  1. Select New Reference from the References menu.
  2. Select the Reference Type from the drop-down list (Tip: New references will default to Journal Article - if you don't select the correct source type your reference list will appear incorrectly).
  3. Enter publication details in the appropriate fields.
  4. Close the reference by clicking on the Save button. 

Entering author information

To enter multiple authors, place each author's name on a new line by pressing Enter after each addition.

  • If an author is entered without a comma between names, EndNote 20 will interpret the last word to be the surname, and the name will not appear correctly.
  • When a comma is used to separate names, EndNote 20 will interpret everything prior to the comma to be a surname.

Tip: Some references may have a company, government department, or group as an author, such as the World Health Organization

EndNote will treat it as a name: Organization, W. H. 

Avoid this by adding a comma at the end of corporate authors: World Health Organization, 

When creating manual references:

  • You do not have to enter information into every field. Include who, when, what, and where.
  • The Research Notes field will always be left empty by EndNote. You can use this field to make your own notes or include keywords. 


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