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Finding Books and More

Advanced search

What is an advanced search, and how do I do one?

An advanced search returns results based on a combination of search terms from various fields (e.g. format, language, date, location). 

An advanced search gives you more control over your search results. It allows you to limit your searches in various different ways, which can narrow your search results down to give you a more focused and relevant selection.

To perform an advanced search, click on ADVANCED SEARCH to the right of the search box.

Example search

When performing an advanced search, you can use a number of search options which will help narrow your results:

  • A - apply your keywords to all fields, or narrow by the title, author, or subject
  • B - search all material types, or narrow by format (e.g. journals, books, articles, images)
  • C - limit your searches to a particular language

When your results are displayed, you can filter even further using the options in the left hand menu. 

  • D -  use the tick to select multiple filters
  • E - to exclude results, hover over the filter and select the red exclude icon
  • F - specify the location of the item.

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