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Library Research

Title and Author Searches

Specific materials can be easily located using these two search types:

  • Title search: search for any words within the title of the material.
  • Author search: search for the name of an author (includes artists, composers or corporate authors, such as an organisation).

To perform these searches, click on advanced catalogue search under the main catalogue search box, and then select the relevant tab (Title or Author). You can also search for an author and title at the same time, under the Auth/Title tab.

In the video below, two types of searches are demonstrated: a journal title search, and an author search.

Example Searches

  • Title search

You can search for any word/s from the title of an item (book, series, thesis, video, etc).

In the example below, we are searching for a journal titled Art in Australia. We entered the title in quotations, which only searches items with that exact phrase as the title. If you don't know the full title, try searching for keywords from the title.

You can search through all ANU material, or limit the results to a particular location. In the example below, we limited our search to only ANU Journals.


  • Author search

You can search for the names of authors, artists, composers and corporate authors of an item.

In the example below, we are searching for works by Australian author Patrick White. When searching for an individual author you need to enter their surname first, followed by their given name.


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