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EndNote X7

Share Word documents

As your writing progresses you will need to email passages (with EndNote generated citaitons and bibliographies) to others (for example your supervisor).

What happens when an EndNote library has been used to generate citations and bibliographies in these Word documents?

  • Word files with formatted EndNote citations can be emailed (or put in a repository - mark 'Read only' in Properties) without the EndNote library that was used to insert citations. A ‘travelling library’ remains embedded in the Word file. If needed, the recipient can even export the travelling library, as follows.

    In Word, on the EndNote ribbon, select the Tools group, Export to EndNote and then Export travelling library (on a Mac computer select Export Traveling Library... from the CWYW drop-down on the floating EndNote toolbar in Word for Mac). An EndNote library will be generated with records containing only the information that was inserted into the Word document.
  • The recipient is able to work with the Word document as required (for example make changes, track changes).

    Note though that changes should not be made inside EndNote fields (in citations and in the bibliography). These changes would disappear at the latest when the document is emailed (or deposited) and opened by someone with EndNote installed on their computer. It will be important to point this out to any editors/reviewers.

To share a document with EndNote generated citations it is advisable to generate a PDF copy from it (from File > Save As), or follow the instructions on the following page.

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