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EndNote X7

Attach images

You can attach image files (for example BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF) or object files (for example MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint) to any Reference Type (for example Journal Article, Book) and then insert them into Word documents with captions.

All EndNote Reference Types have the fields for figure and caption already in place, but three Reference Types are specifically available for images:

  • Figure
  • Chart or Table, and 
  • Equation. 

When you insert images into a Word document using EndNote they are listed in the document as Figures, unless you use the Reference Type Chart or Table. Images entered as a Chart or Table are listed as Tables in MS Word.

To attach a Figure:

  1. Select the reference in EndNote and then fom the References menu select Figure and then
    Attach Figure
  2. Find and select the file you wish to attach and select OK. The file is inserted into the Figure field
    of the reference
  3. Enter text in the Caption field of the reference

A thumbnail of the image or the object appears in the Figure field of the record. Check on the
Reference tab on the Tabs panel. A tick in the Figure column of the reference indicates an
attached figure.

To display the Figure column on the EndNote library panel:

  1. Activate EndNote Preferences from the Edit > Preferences menu
  2. Activate the menu item Display Fields on the dialog
  3. From the first available column with the dropdown marked [Do not display] select Figure. Select OK.

Note: EndNote creates a copy of the file in a DATA folder that is stored with your EndNote library. Therefore, if you make a change to the original file it will not be reflected in the file attached to your EndNote reference, unless you re-attach it.

Note: It is important to include information in the Caption field, especially if you intend to insert the image into a Word document.

Tip: Each Endnote reference can have only one figure attached. If you attach a second image, it will replace the one already there.

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